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Listella saves you more equity.

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Sell on Listella and save $17,500 more in equity

*Equity saved compared to industry standard 5%

Why Listella?

Reinvented process

Eliminating the need for a real estate agent, negotiating, and coordinating with multiple parties.

Save more

On average sellers will save more time and over $37,000 in commission. Know exactly what you pay with Listella's low $2,500 flat fee.

Fast and simple

Virtually guided experience that enables you to buy and sell from anywhere.

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About Us

We are a team of home buyers, sellers, Realtors, and technology experts dedicated to solving the issues plaguing real estate. We realized the process was outdated, broken, and had to be reinvented from the ground up. That is why we created Listella, the first real estate platform that puts home buyers and sellers first.