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Keep your equity by skipping negotiations & commissions.

List and sell your home at true market value backed by an inspection and appraisal. Manage documents and connect with vendors within Listella. Save 6% commission fees with Listella's $499 up-front listing rate and $2k when you close.

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Take out the guesswork of listing - know your property is backed by licensed reports to ensure you get the true market value for your house.

Manage your listings on Listellass dashboard, schedule your appointments, and connect with Listellass network of professionals. These services are included with Listella's flat rate.

The Best Part - Sell Your House Without Paying Agent Fees

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Keep your equity by skipping negotiations & commissions.

Host open house events yourself or elevate your tours with access to experienced agents through our a-la-carte network. Be guided on professionally preparing your house for showings and open house events.

Showcase your listing across major real estate and social media platforms.

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